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The M & M Team Realty

The M & M Team Realty

The M & M Team Realty is owned and brokered by Theresa A. Miller. We specialize in Probate, Trust and Divorce sales. With a friendly work environment and our commitment to teamwork, The M & M Team Realty promotes and achieves agent and client satisfaction. We have been conducting business in the local area for more than 20 years. We have and continue to work hard to gain the respect of many distinguished communities. This recognition is built upon a respect for our clients and neighbors. We are confident your experience with us will further this reputation of personalized service and client satisfaction.

Our company is comprised of people who live and work in the surrounding communities. We have personal knowledge of each neighborhood’s nature, and growth possibilities. Based on this we will find the perfect fit for you and your family. Every community is different. Whether your focus is schools, shopping, transportation, or recreational facilities our team will draw upon their knowledge of the local areas to find the ideal property to meet your needs.

We supplement this high-touch philosophy, with a high-tech edge. We have quick access to all local MLS data and real estate software to help us analyze local market conditions. Whether you are a first-time buyer or a seasoned investor we know we can help you find just the right property you have been looking for and dreaming of owning.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to represent you in your buyer or seller transactions and we are thankful you have chosen us to be your eyes and ears. We are excited to show you all available listings please contact us to schedule your showing appointment today.


When I first met Theresa, I told her “you’re gonna sell my house for me one day.” Fast forward 4 years later, when my husband and I decided to list our house, and who did I call? Theresa Miller. She came over for an informal walk through of our house, we chatted a bit, then she left to pull some comps. Within 48 hours, she had pulled comps, presented us with a listing price she thought would work, and put together our listing. The timeline she set for the open house, the offers and the review was on point. Everything we needed to have done, she had a team for. And items that we needed to take care of that weren’t major, her husband and business partner took care of. No need for us to worry about changing a battery in a smoke alarm, he took care of it for us. Her stager was A1. Our home didn’t even look like our home. She handled every little detail. From the painter to the electrician to the plumber to the stager. No detail was left to chance. And she was absolutely correct. Our house sold so quick (2 weeks) and the process was so seamless, I almost thought something was going to go wrong. This couldn’t be the process. Not with all the home buying and selling stories I heard. But that was it. The sale price we listed at was perfect. She was dead on with where we should be. She was such an advocate for my husband and I in making sure we got too value for our home, and weren’t pressured into lower our asking price. She knew what our house was worth and she made sure we came out with not only our asking price, but the BEST offer overall. We were so pleased with the process and outcome of our sell, less than 1 week after we closed, we had her take on the selling of our godmother’s home, who had recently passed away. And throughout the entire process, she was always upbeat and super pleasant. She found time to celebrate her birthday and still didn’t miss a beat. Every text message, email or phone call, she took or responded to immediately. Even if it was just to tell me she would call me back for a more in depth conversation. And she did! Every time. If we didn’t understand something, she would explain it. We even had a buyer pull out at one point, I can’t even remember why because we literally lost no traction, she just said “oh well, their loss, next offer” and we were back in escrow 24 hours later. She never sweats. She is truly the best at what she does. Hands down. We are so grateful for her. I would recommend any of my friends and family to work with her. She is awesome.
Victoria Kimbell